How Can We Help You On Your Roofing Needs?

Meet our Sales Manager, Joe Bankston


Meet Joe Bankston, our Sales Manager out of the Oklahoma City office. He graduated from Midwest City Bombers in 1987 and now resides in Moore, OK with his wife and children. Joe has 10 years experience in the roofing industry including insurance claims. Joe has a knack for roofing and is truly good at what he does. Let’s just say he’s found his niche in life. Joe is excellent in customer service and treats all his customers as VIP’s. He answers by the name “Roof Top Joey” or “Broadway Joe”. One of Joe’s famous quotes is “Joe does not chase storms, they come to him.” Joe is a dog lover and a BIG lover of 80’s music. He is also a die hard Vikings fan. We are extremely happy to have Joe on our team as he’s been with us for 4 years! He has been a faithful employee and we consider him a valuable asset to our company.

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