How Can We Help You On Your Roofing Needs?

June is ladies month!


HEY LADIES…! It’s the first day of JUNE and we are throwing it way back this month. Remember the days of June Cleaver when a woman’s life seemed so well put together, so organized, so polished. Puff… now days we are lucky if we get out of the door with matching shoes on and our hair somewhat styled. Let’s face it, times have changed! We have a lot more on our plate and getting all our ducks in a row seems like a luxury. That is why we want to make a special offer to the hard working women out there this month.  Sign a contract with us and we will comp your dinner bill for one night (up to 50.00). It’s just a small token of appreciation  to acknowledge the hard work women put forth inside of and outside the home. Call today and mention this AD to schedule an appointment for a FREE inspection 405-378-2800.

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