How Can We Help You On Your Roofing Needs?

DIY Roofing… Leave It To The Experts!


Let’s face it, we’ve all done that DIY project that was an epic fail and wound up costing us more money to correct than if we had just hired a professional to do it in the first place. When it comes to roofing leave it to the professionals to do their job. There are many contributing factors that come into play when reroofing a home or even repairing one. There are codes and regulations that need to be adhered to. There are certain weight capacities that a roof can and can’t carry. Plywood/decking, underlayment, drip edge/flashings, starter shingles, vents, caps—all of these items require methodical thinking in order and spacing. Also, manufactures reserve the right to void your warranty if their products are not installed correctly. This is a huge con to installing or repairing your own roof. So when it comes to your roofing project, don’t be “that” guy!

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